Since its creation WINTER PARTNERS has always been at the forefront of integrated banking systems development with emphasis on universal banking.

WINTER PARTNERS developed one of the first integrated financial banking processing software, RIBS, mainly for private banking and treasury.
The company has always been at the edge of the technology already in 1985 the company received an Award for its Software Concept CAB (“Computer Aided Banking”) based on Object Oriented design and Smaltalk technology.

The first product RIBS was born in 1973 and evolved thru 5 generations. This has made our latest Application RAINBOW benefit from past errors and gain due to longtime market presence from a geographically diversified client base. This has again increased its capacity to coop with different organizations, accounting, calculation methods and reporting standards. As a result RAINBOW has a well structured modularity and a well designed parameterization.

WINTER PARTNERS has implemented Banking Applications  at banks such as JPMorgan (New-York, Zürich, Geneva), Chemical Bank (New-York, Zürich, Geneva) and Bankers Trust (New-York, Zürich) as well as Commerzbank (Zürich, Geneva), Landesbank Baden-Würtemberg (Stuttgart), Raiffeisen Zentralbank (Vienna), Kuwait Investment Company (Kuwait) and other outfits such as SAAB Scania Finance Company.
This confirms RAINBOW high level of flexibility thanks to its application architecture (multi-currency, multi-regulations, high level of parameterization, multi-lingual and On-Demand reporting capacity)

Today the solution offering combines praxis proven banking software components with a flexible open architecture built on the JAVA i.e. JAVA5 technology.
The architecture selected reflects the fact that from a business processing and support function point of view, the application software has become THE BUSINESS PLATFORM, which can interact directly with customers, partners, suppliers and the regulator with no more borders. On the other hand the structural evolution of the financial services industry triggered by the internet, the new entrants and a growing number of specialists outlet covering only one element of the value chain, will ask for a new organizational flexibility. This flexibility requires new standards, connectivity and modularity. These new requirements have been taken especially into consideration by the architecture of the RAINBOW Banking System.

The key elements of the RAINBOW approach are:

Open high volume core financial transaction processing engine.

Internet enabled thin client open for local decision support.

Transparent and self-contained modules corresponding to flexible work processes, with clear interfaces among others to workflow or EDEMAS solutions.

Easy installation and scalability

Full risk and profitability analysis structure at all levels.

A well structured mapping of the functionality to the business needs is the key for a flexible and cost effective step by step implementation, with the benefits of an incremental “functionality plug-in” when needed without having to go thru the laborious re-installation of the system.
The system covers most financial products from saving accounts to derivatives in a modular way.
Another proven strength of its modularity is that RAINBOW can be implemented either as a global or as a departmental solution that is to say RAINBOW can be installed only for its Foreign exchange and Money Market, treasury functionality, only for its securities and asset management analysis functionality.