The Foreign Exchange and Money Market module processes all the foreign exchange deals and money market activities within a bank.

It provides complete facilities for FX and money market order management to support trading and back office operations for the purchase and sale of currency including spots, forwards, swaps. The money market facilities support deposits, calls, interest rate swaps, cross currency IRS, future rate agreements, CAP, Floor, Collars and fiduciary deposits.

The main functions include:


Rapid data entry facility for principal dealing

Automatic generation of payment instructions

Extended on-line liquidity and risk position inquiries

Profit calculations within positions “What if” simulation within position

Real-time limit control for clients, groups of clients and countries

On-line limit inquiry for clients, groups, dealers, instruments and countries


User-defined back office input

Standard settlement instructions per client and currency

Automatic payments (SWIFT,SIC)

Automatic confirmation (SWIFT, FAX or paper)

Automatic maturity processing

Easy confirmation matching

On-line account/client inquiry


Flexible bookkeeping concept in any currency

Processing of SWAP accruals with optional profit/loss accounting

Processing of interest accruals with optional profit/loss accounting

Forward risk revaluation

Management and departmental reporting

Audit trails of all entries