The Multi-currency Investment Management module is a transaction based reporting and analysis tool covering all the instruments associated with a portfolio, such as cash, securities, loans, money market instruments and pending orders. It is particularly suited to private and institutional portfolio management as well as fund management.

The module can produce many different analysis and performance reports for a portfolio or group of portfolios, for a selected reference currency and date or time span, including:

Balance sheets

Profit/loss statements

Internal rate of return

Time-weighted rate of return analyses

Transaction statements

Comparison of assets

Currency and industry matrices by instrument type

All these reports are generated from the original transactions. It is possible to show the realised/unrealised profit or loss from the market or currency fluctuation.

The flexibility of the module is best illustrated by its numerous options which include:

Multiple reference currencies

Average cost calculation including or excluding transaction cost (brokerage fees and commission)

Ability to integrate holdings and transactions from other institutions or other systems

Ability to transfer investment management information to a personal computer or workstation for further analysis

Automatic periodical production of reports for specific clients

The investment management modules can also be used to model portfolio performance by defining separate simulation portfolios. For example, reference portfolios can be defined and modelled for specific investment strategies or client types. These reference portfolios can then be used to investigate the effects of various business scenarios.