RAINBOW is the fifth generation of the Realtime Integrated Banking System developed and continuously enhanced by WINTER PARTNERS.

RAINBOW is a fully integrated, modular software package designed to cover all or only specific areas of banking and international finance. Offered as a turn key solution on major hardware and operating systems platforms, RAINBOW provides a range of integrated application modules.

It provides the on-line front office, back office and reporting tools required for both local and international banking operations at both the head office and branch level.

Key features of the application system include :

Open application architecture

Fully integrated and modular system allowing for a step by step implementation and for add-on of new functionality
True multi-currency and multi-branch system
Multi-lingual with a high level of parameterization at data definition, transaction definition, accounting, consolidation and reporting level
User friendly, fully menu driven with extensive on-line help and search facilities
Safe with multi-level access control and audit trails. Protection can be used at the level of menus, functions, files and records.


The aim of WINTER PARTNERS was to develop an OPEN and FLEXIBLE application architecture whilst retaining maximum transaction processing performance. The developed solution consists of a variable number of application nodes with links to an enterprise wide data warehouse and a message highway via API's, XML and standard middle-wares. The message highway integrates application nodes with the additional benefit of parallel message processing and permits the transparent 2-way interfacing with the outside world without disturbing the existing application environment. Each application module accesses the data (consisting of an Oracle database) directly using the appropriate interfaces.

Key features include:

- 3-level application architecture (deal origination, deal processing/ analysis) allowing to plug in required peripheral 3rd party products (for example option trading system, trade finance, etc.)
- State of the art technology (JAVA, Weblogic, Websphere compatibility) securing total platform independency
- Fully integrated and modular, allowing a step by step implementation and add-on of new functionality based on reusable components through standard JAVA APIs and/or XML


Architectural Overview