WINTER PARTNERS AG high-calibre Banking and IT experts are the fast solution to temporary IT bottlenecks. Our unique know-how is the solution to your IT problem.
Taking the lead in IT projects is all part of our service - from analysis through to rollout including, of course, comprehensive support during the kick-off stage.

Today's IT projects involve the implementation of complex solutions. At the same time, cost pressures are immense and customers expect a return on investment within a year. Our development centre at WINTER PARTNERS Egypt employs highly skilled professionals who deliver consistent, state-of-the-art know-how and first-class quality at attractive rates. Skilled project management and maximum control over the project are guaranteed. Key project functions such as project management, project architecture and design are typically located on-site on the client's premises, and only pure software production is placed offshore in our development centre.

  • WINTER PARTNERS AG develops software according to the Capability Maturity Model
    (CMM), a method that defines the key processes behind efficient software development.
    We offer the following services:
    - Applications development for end-to-end systems / components
    - Migration